This Issue is Facing Construction Businesses at their Busiest Time of the Year

2 min readMay 18, 2021

By PartRunner

As longtime followers of PartRunner know, we specialize in getting your bulky items moved from A to B. The industries that access this type of service most are construction and trades. This time of year is the busiest for the construction industry, and on top of that, there are worker shortages across the country. Keep reading to learn about why these events are happening, and steps your business can take to solve them.

Summer has been shown to be the busiest time for construction and trades industries. A major concern for companies during this time is worker burnout. Worker burnout happens when employees are pulling long hours at construction sites. This problem can easily lower an entire company’s productivity, and wasted wages. Many companies find themselves debating about whether to hire seasonal help, or to ask workers to pull longer hours- both are an extra expense for the company.

However, another option exists; bringing in a third-party partner into their supply chain operations. This is where a company like PartRunner would be able to assist any company that needs to ship a big and bulky product. Instead of burning out workers during the busy season, resulting in lost wages and productivity, your company can keep workers on a consistent schedule and integrate PartRunner into your operations. Download our app, and choose from OnDemand (2 Hours), Same-Day (4 Hours) or Scheduled Deliveries. Then, one of our fleet drivers will arrive at your location, pick up your item, and drop it wherever it needs to be delivered. It’s that simple. Keep your workers on task and on-site, while we handle everything that needs to move in between.

Now is an even better time to sign up as a PartRunner customer, because through Friday, July 9 we’re offering a promotion on afternoon deliveries. From May 17 to July 9, we’re offering 25% off Rush Delivery from 11am to 1pm. If you’re located in Boston/Massachusetts, take advantage of this exclusive offer, it won’t last the entire summer. Now is the time to give your workers a break, and incorporate afternoon delivery services from PartRunner into your operations.