3 min readApr 7, 2021


How to Maximize Home Improvement and Spring Cleaning for Your Customers

By Kelsea Mann

Cleaning is necessary in every home and office space, especially during seasonal transitions. According to multiple sources, the cleaning industry is also currently growing, and is predicted to continue trending upward by 10% in the next five years. Especially among single-person households, which make up over 25% of American homes, keeping clean is seen as a primary factor in one’s physical and mental health. The most popular time for weekend projects and longer-term overhauls in any size home is during the spring months. In a 2018 study, 91% of Americans and 96% of millennials reported that they engaged in spring cleaning.

This effort, combined with holidays and newfound accessibility to vaccines treating COVID-19 are predicted to cause a spike in home improvement throughout the home and backyard. A summer outdoor barbeque is sure to be prefaced by a deck refinishing in the coming months, so you and your team should make sure to capitalize on the opportunity to help clients prepare.

Creating Schedules and Planning Ahead

Many outdoor improvement projects, usually involving planting, require a great deal of foresight. April and May are the seasons to begin putting down mulch, planting grass, and starting to garden. Warm weather outside also allows for people to begin extensive projects like painting their houses or decks, and beginning to move patio furniture. There are many steps that clients should be taking before planting and painting that they might not necessarily be aware of. Suppliers, landscapers and other service workers can help by alerting them when to begin working on these projects, even when the spring season is just beginning.

A good way to alert your clients of when to begin their potential projects is through information online. Many companies have weekly newsletters, social media accounts and advertising that they can capitalize on during this time. Consider publishing some sort of calendar, or reminding your customer what times are best for projects in your industry.

Make Sure to Get Product Shipped On Time

With the busy season approaching for hardware stores, plant centers, and other services focused on home improvement, an influx of orders is soon to arrive. This can be great for you and your business, but brings the complicated question of how to handle shipping. The typical approach for local, regional, and even national businesses is to send out large trucks to areas with the highest concentration of customers. Then, throughout the days or weeks since products were ordered, the trucks will drive to further locations, or those locations that are in more desolate areas.

In the above section, it’s clear that customers sometimes need help knowing when to plant, or begin other projects. Help them get that mulch on the ground, or ladder in the sky faster by partnering with a last-mile delivery service. These types of services won’t sell parts to your customer, they function as a flexible addition to your existing fleet. Handling an influx of orders to many different locations is easy with this logistics improvement. With a reported 33% increase in B2B last mile delivery demand, you can be sure that your competition will be using last-mile logistics partners soon, if they haven’t already started. Partner with PartRunner, for a drop-in fleet that can ship any product in the big and bulky category. Save precious money and time sending a box truck of only a few materials to a remote location, and use PartRunner instead. Spring is upon us, and there’s no time to wait. Visit PartRunner’s website today.